This is not a stethoscope.


This is a stethophone.

It symbolizes healthcare. It’s the device attached to our bodies for 12 hour shifts and yet, we have been disrespecting it by calling it a “Stethoscope.”

Colleagues, what does it scope?

Its etymology is Greek and arises from the words, stethos meaning “chest” and skopein meaning “look” This alleged stethoscope goes in the clinicians ears, not eyes. We are not scoping. So stop it. It made sense in 1819. They knew not of endoscopes and bronchoscopes. They did the best they could. They were busy inviting things.

We, beings of the future, know of actual scopes and phones. Take telephones, for example. Hopefully, reading the word “telephone” felt odd because you haven’t seen or said it in quite some time. The word “telephone” vanished in an instant to be replaced by “mobile” or “cell.”

Why so quick to morph with phones but slow to change with stethoscopes? Stethoscopes are not sacred. And if you do find them sacred, by all means, respect them enough to ask them for forgiveness using their proper name: Stethophone.

You can start by calling them your “ears” if this will help you during the transition time. I
I’m hoping that’s the gateway-word to the proper suffix: phone.

Join the movement.
Don’t be a late adopter.

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