Finding Feedback

May 9-11, 2022

Las Vegas, NV


Ginger Locke is infatuated with the minds of medics. As an Associate Professor of EMS Professions at Austin Community College and as the creator of the Medic Mindset podcast, she has immersed herself in the psychology of paramedics. Prior to becoming a paramedic, she studied social psychology at the University of Georgia and the University of Leicester, UK. Focus areas: Education, Differential Diagnosis, Cognitive Psychology, and Creativity in the classroom.

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These 2 principles guide her professional endeavors:

  1. Medics can have lasting job satisfaction. Our systems within EMS, including education, need a gut-check.
  2. The most important (and complicated) tool on an ambulance is the brain of the medic. Invest there first.

Twitter: @gingerlockeATX

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