Mixtape: Ridealongs

Mixtape: The One Book

Reading: Nyssa Hattaway

Reading: Maia Dorsett

Reading: Michael Herbert

The Weatherman

Death Notification Choreography

Sirens in His Voice

5 Days with Hazzard

Getting to the Black with David Fifer

Double Date: Kris and Sara

Pediatric Pain

I have your back.

Finding Feedback

Where is Natalie Zink?

The Limit of Jace

Pump the brakes.

In The Water

Get on the train.

Medic Mindfulness

The Second Baby

Zoom Out with Humor

They were sweating.

Our Medical Education Renaissance

Tania Glenn. Back Again.

Good, Bad and Ugly

Tourniquets (are hurty)

Shock the System (an EMSWorld Collaboration)

Listening in Color

Talking Teaching with Dr. JR Pickett


Stay Curious with Eric Bauer

Someone’s Someone with Noah Galloway and Ashley Liebig

In the Zone. The Antevy Zone.

It’s Tyler

When Things Get Wicked

The Airway Evangelist 

Look Away Kid

What a Ride

Beauty to Death Ratio

Beat the Stress with Michael Lauria

We all go through this. 

I wasn’t prepared. 

Dr. Tania Glenn, Warrior Healer

Strong Work

The Strong, Silent Type

I never run.

The Medic in Pumped-Up Kicks

It’s such a weird job

Thinking: Chest Pain

Thinking: Tachycardia

Thinking: Agitation

Thinking: Syncope

Thinking: Headache

Thinking: Shortness of Breath

Thinking: Bradycardia

Thinking: Lift Assist

Thinking: Pediatric Respiratory

Thinking: Abdominal Pain

Microsode 5: Antifragile

Microsode 4: Slow Squeeze at #FAST19

Microsode 3: Do Less

Microsode 2: The Skyline and Cupcakes

Microsode 1: Overlearning