How do we find our way out of this? Initial education, recruitment and retention in EMS are all in crisis. In this keynote lecture from the 2022 National Association of EMS Educators’ Annual Symposium, Paramedic and EMS educator, David Fifer proposes a system that includes recognition for certified and degreed Paramedics alike.

Days before delivering this keynote talk, David was working with a crew to hoist people out of disastrous flooding in Kentucky. He called on those in attendance to offer financial support through this site if possible.

This episode was made possible through the collaboration of some of the best in EMS education: Prodigy EMS, NAEMSE and EKU‘s David Fifer

Eastern Kentucky University degree programs are for those who are currently certified as a paramedic by the NREMT or a state EMS office.

Thank you, iSimulate!

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