I don’t have favorite episodes but if I did, this would be one of them. With my girlfriend Cassi by my side, I caught up with Kris and Sara Kaull at a conference. It’s the first ever double-date on Medic Mindset! Cassi & Kris are both paramedics. Sara and I have the perspective of the significant-other to a paramedic. We swap stories while Cassi and Kris offer ideas about what medics need from their spouses/partners. This episode is really a gift to the family members of medics. Take a listen and if it resonates with you, consider having your loved-ones listen. Maybe it will spark good conversation about what you need when you get home from shift or how best to connect with you while on shift. Kris and Sara were absolute gold. During a busy conference, where they were both speakers, they took the time to hide away with us in our hotel room for recording. The conversation was so special to me because conferences can be full of small talk, but this was different: we put away our phones and had a rich meaningful conversation that I hope you enjoy!

Thank you, iSimulate!

Eastern Kentucky University degree programs are for those who are currently certified as a paramedic by the NREMT or a state EMS office.

One thought

  1. This is one of the most insightful, caring, and helpful podcast that I’ve heard on Medic Mindset to date. I love your guests always and find them amazing to listen to, but the vulnerability of Kris, Sara, you and Cassie was so delightful to unpack and dive in with you all. Thanks for a wonderful listen!


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