Kevin Hazzard reflects on a TV show which is based on a book called “5 Days at Memorial” by Sheri Fink. In this story, the characters are faced with impossible challenges inside a hospital in the days after Hurricane Katrina. There are many parallels between what they experienced and what out-of-hospital paramedics are presented every day.

The first time I heard Kevin’s voice was in 2016 when he was a guest on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. They were discussing his book “1000 Naked Strangers” where he recounts memories from working for Grady EMS in Atlanta for over a decade. I was struck by this quote during that interview: “There are a lot of situations where it’s just not practical to wait for it to be completely safe and you gotta just try to weigh the odds.” With that quote, I knew he’d be a guest well-matched for Medic Mindset where we understand the grey in which decisions are made in EMS everyday.

Kevin has been referenced many times on Medic Mindset. Check out this episode of the Reading Series.

His long-form article in the Atavist about Freedom House.

The Premonition book he enjoyed recently about Infectious Disease.

Hidden Figures movie referenced by Ginger.

This randomly happened while we were recording for this episode! Kevin got the first delivery of his own book, “American Sirens” releasing in September.

Death Notification Choreography Medic Mindset

Dr. Maia Dorsett joins us again! You may remember her from the Thinking: Lift Assist episode. This time she shares what she knows about the process of death notification. It's a passion-topic for her because she knows how important these conversations are for the loved ones of patients who have died… and for us. She frames a death notification as a procedure that can be taught, learned and practiced. NAEMSP Article Bite #33: Is Death Notification Training associated with decreased burnout among EMS professionals This YouTube video was made by the Monroe-Livingston EMS Region at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in anticipation of the rise of out-of-hospital death. Paper outlining The GRIEV_ING algorithm in the Prehospital Emergency Care journal.
  1. Death Notification Choreography
  2. Sirens In His Voice
  3. 5 Days with Hazzard
  4. Getting to the Black with David Fifer
  5. Double Date: Kris & Sara

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Eastern Kentucky University degree programs are for those who are currently certified as a paramedic by the NREMT or a state EMS office.

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