This episode was the conception of Hilary Gates who is the Senior Editorial and Program Director for EMS World. In response to recent position statements, she assembled a panel to discuss degree requirements for paramedics and was kind enough to include me in this collaborative project. We recorded from the National Association of EMS Physicians Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

We were fortunate enough to have Ed Racht guide the discussion.  The panelists were David Tan, Mike McEvoy, Scott Bourn, Brandon Bleess, Phil Moy, Jason Pickett.

Two of the names, JR Pickett and Brandon Bleess, might be familiar to regular Medic Mindset listeners because they’ve been on previous episodes: Talking Teaching and Thinking: Chest Pain.

The guests in this episode are true leaders in every sense of the word. Unafraid to step into heated waters to speak without hesitation about what they believe is best for paramedics and their patients. Sitting at the table with them for an hour was an absolute honor. They know what this podcast is and that a group of tremendously bright and educated medics are listening.

Position Papers:

Joint Position Statement on Degree Requirements for Paramedics 

Sean M. Caffrey, Leaugeay C. Barnes & David J. Olvera (2018): Joint Position Statement on Degree Requirements for Paramedics, Prehospital Emergency Care, DOI: 10.1080/10903127.2018.1519006

International Association of Fire Chiefs: Oppose Proposed Degree Requirements for Accredited Paramedic Programs

IAFF – Maintaining Access to Paramedic Education

Facebook Live Video

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