This episode is a response to the many requests I get from listeners looking for help on the National Registry’s written exam.

To bring you the most useful advice, I contacted Dan Limmer. In my opinion, he is the country’s expert in the area. He understands the logistics of the test and the part that really lights my fire is the way he addresses the psychology of the test, the mindset of success and what he calls “mojo.”

Limmer Education National Registry Paramedic Review Apps

2 thoughts

  1. Having taken a number of standardized tests over the years, I could not agree more with the test taking advice provided in this podcast. Even now as a medical student, I am applying the approaches advocated here in my current high stakes test taking. It’s critically important to attack the questions in the right way and also to prepare yourself psychologically. It’s not enough to know the material although that helps. I would recommend all aspiring medics listen to this podcast and do appropriate practice questions before taking national registry in order to put yourself in the best position for success.


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