After seeing Dr. Joelle Donofrio-Odmann‘s talk in Prodigy EMS‘ free Refresh 2021, I knew Medic Mindset listeners needed to hear from her. She is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine and an EMS Associate Medical Director in San Diego, CA.

In this episode of The Thinking Series, she shares her passion and expertise on the topic of Pediatric Respiratory Distress. She covers how she uses the pediatric assessment triangle to stratify patients and how she thinks about the diseases of the upper and lower airways (and the ones that don’t fit neatly in either). Other topics include epinephrine in anaphylaxis, ketamine in asthma, and bulb syringes for clearing secretions causing airway obstructions. Listeners also get to hear a cameo visit from Dr. Peter Antevy from the “In the Zone. The Antevy Zone” episode.

Cover Art by Justin Durner
Medic Mindset is supported by iSimulate.

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