Dr. Peter Antevy


Dr. Peter Antevy is a man on a mission. He is working to change the psychology of medics on pediatric calls.

During our talk, we discuss:

the importance of staying on scene during pediatric arrests,

why ACLS and PALS should be taught together,

how to change your mindset to be in the zone with pediatrics,

the principles of the Handtevy Method,

his comments on length-based tapes, cognitive offloading and the pre-arrival period,

why his medics want to run pediatric calls,

the process of getting to closure,

Just Culture,

why he thinks he latches on to really big problems,

questions from the Medic Mindset facebook group about:

pediatric head trauma, febrile seizures, pain management and ketamine,

his reflections on the Parkland Shootings,

and advice to medics with big ideas.

Connect with him:


He has a lot of great YouTube videos

Just prior to sitting down with Dr. Antevy, he gave a talk at FlightBridgeEd #FAST18 Symposium and this video below  is very similar to that talk.

Slides and Photos from #FAST18

System 1 versus System 2 Decision Making (Daniel Kahneman)
His son calculating pediatric drug doses by the pool
Dr. Antevy, Thank you for your time.


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