In mid-November, Tom Bouthillet tweeted about something called #Refresh2021. Always paying close attention to his projects, I leaned into my screen to see what he was up to and what I saw warmed my heart: medical educators donating (yep…100% FREE to you) their time and expertise as a “Thank you” to all of the medics who have worked tirelessly throughout the 2020 pandemic marathon.

Wondering how it came to be that he assembled such a killer line-up, I asked him if we could schedule a quick Zoom session and, thinking of Medic Mindset listeners, I decided to hit record. Below is the video of our Sunday morning chat. Two of the educators have been Medic Mindset guests: Dr. Peter Antevy (In the Zone: The Antevy Zone) and Dr. Jeff Jarvis (The Airway Evangelist). And on the steering committee, Mike Taigman is a name you might remember from the “Medic Mindfulness” episode. In the Zoom video you will hear Tom mention why Mike was so important to bring into the fold of #Refresh2021.

A Sunday morning chat for Medic Mindset listeners

Sign up here:

Thank you to the Steering Committee!
Mentioned in the Interview: Every movement needs the “First Follower”

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