This is the podcast I wished existed when I was in paramedic school. The idea is to give the listener a glimpse into how medics think (their mindset). I’m curious about how they approach calls and how they fit being a medic in with the rest of their life.

If this is your first time listening to the show, I can tell you that there are basically two types of guests. The majority of guests are what I like to call, “the medic next door.” Under the condition of anonymity, they are able to share the intimate details of the job. The second type of guests are area experts. I’ve talked to Tania Glenn about mental health and Michael Lauria about performance under pressure.

In this episode, we get a bit of both. Dr. Jeffrey Jarvis is a paramedic turned EMS medical director. You might end up listening more than once because this talk is rich. He packs a ton into the hour: Video laryngoscopy, Ketamine, Delayed-Sequence Intubation, ultrasound, push-dose pressors, and how he asks his medics to approach EKGs. If you hang around until the end, you get to hear him share a bit about the challenges he faced as a paramedic.

Introduction to Dr. Jarvis

Dr. Jeffrey Jarvis’ Bio

His research

Connect with Dr. Jarvis on twitter

Show notes:

Medical Podcasts he listens to while running: EM:RAP, Emergency Medicine Abstracts, EMCrit

EMS Intubation Improves with King Vision Video Laryngoscopy

John Sackles, The Importance of First Pass Success

His interview with Minh Le Cong

Delayed Sequence Intubation from EMCrit

Just Culture


Dennis Quaid’s heparin story

Peter Antevy 

JAMA: Rational Clinical Exam

Diagnostic Momentum

Williamson County EMS YouTube Channel

Veer Vithalani, Unrecognized Failed Airway Management

Previous Medic Mindset episode where the medic recounts approach to EKGs

Life Advice from Dr. Jarvis

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