In this episode, I talk to a 20-year medic from New Orleans. His name is Jon McCarthy and he recently wrote a book called Hard Roll. He’s an example of what I hope our EMS authors will be. He’s honest and captivating without being overly dramatic.

Works of art, like his book, are tools for understanding ourselves, as individuals and as a collective profession. This episode is a reminder that we should cheer on the artists within our ranks. The authors, cartoonists, photographers, etc. The idea is not to relate perfectly to everything they create. Instead, the point is to hold up one person’s perspective, compare it to your own and in the process, understand yourself in a new way.

Hard Roll on Amazon

Connect with Jon on Twitter

Jon’s interview with Brett Schneider on Words off the Street

Jon’s interview with KTRU Rice University

Jon’s interview on NPR with Susan Larson

Dedication and words of love to first responders in Las Vegas from Tania Glenn.


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