Ashley Liebig

Noah Galloway

Noah’s Book: Living With No Excuses



FlightBridgeEd generously loaned the recording equipment used to make this episode during their conference: #FAST18. Get FAST19 Tickets now!


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In this episode we capture the story of Noah Galloway and Ashley Liebig. In 2005, He was an infantryman and she, was a combat medic. They were both assigned to the US Army’s 101st airborne division serving in Iraq. When Noah was injured by a roadside bomb, Ashley, as part of his medical team, started talking to him and their conversation has lasted over a decade. They’ve both gone on to do amazing things in that time. Ashley is the clinical manager, flight nurse and rescue specialist for Starflight in Travis County Texas. Noah wrote a book about his recovery and the title of his book tells you how he lives his life. It’s called “Living with No Excuses.” When he was on Dancing with the Stars, all of America fell in love with him and with each passing day, as we get to know more of him, we fall harder and harder.

This is the first time Medic Mindset listeners have the honor to hear the patient’s perspective and there is so much to learned from that vantage point. His stories will undoubtedly make you feel proud to be a medic and some stories might ask you to do a gut-check about the medic you plan to be for your patients.

Being in the same room with Noah and Ashley is like being in a room with an old married couple. We talked for hours and it took some time to edit because so much of the audio track was pure laughter. So. Much. Laughing. These two are beautiful as individuals and are they are only made more beautiful when they are in each others’ company. Listen to the whole episode because the gut-check (at least for me) came toward the end when he describes what it was like to be completely dependent on his care-provider while confused and in pain.

Ashley, Noah, thank you so much for trusting me with the story of your friendship.


Noah and Ashley speak at FlightBridgeED’s Symposium: #FAST18

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