Paramedic & friend, Natalie Zink and I waited over 2 years to publish this one after recording. Listen to find out why and to find out where she is now.

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She listened to Medic Mindset during paramedic school and started with “I never run.”

She wrote a letter to Patch Adams about her struggles with her personal narrative for medical school and he wrote back! She reads his letter in the show.

Thank you, iSimulate!

2 thoughts

  1. I enjoy listening to this podcast. I went to medic school in 1987. I wasn’t just the fist medic in a small town I was the first medic in a 50 mile radius. If I wanted to talk to my field training medic would have to talk to myself that is hard. If I had a question about a call I would talked to the ER Drs or go by the Medical Director’s house and talk . It was hard being a new medic with out any other medic to talk with about a call. The reason I went to medic school was because I was sick of seeing people DIE in the ambulance that didn’t have to. I was a EMT. I know if I had more training/ knowledge that I could make a difference is some peoples lives. It is very humbling to know that with GOD’s help there are people that are alive because of the things I did on calls. A lot of calls I remember like it was yesterday but it’s been 30+ years. They play in my head like a movie. Things have changed so much in the field of Par-medicine. like Life pack 5 to life pack 15 , double medic trucks.


  2. Ok… Ginger I’ve been a listener since the beginning. Been telling myself to leave a comment after many an episode… and never have. There have been a lot of great episodes and a lot of great guests. But this one takes the cake. I Love Natalie Zink.
    Like her… I’ve loved this crazy job from day one. I’m 13 years in now and to be honest, for the first time in my career have been feeling a little burned out.
    Natalie Zink brought me back. Despite all the covid B.S, offload delays, OT, shift overruns, red tape political B.S – I still love this job.
    I hope one day she does become a medical director. EMS needs more people like you both.
    Thank you Ginger and Natalie


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