The Mixtape Series features 3 anonymous paramedics who answer the same question. In this episode, Ginger asks, “What do you remember about your first ride along?” Take a listen to their responses and see how some themes repeat.

Thanks to iSimulate for supporting Medic Mindset.

One thought

  1. I enjoyed listening to this. I started in EMS IN 1983. One of my first rides I was in the back of the ambulance by my self taking care of the patient. It was a long distance transfer. I ask the EMT that was driving what I needed to do. He said just watch the patient. I didn’t even know how to take a blood pressure. It was a noncritical pt. I went to EMT training after I had made several runs like mane 20-30. So on my first ride out as a EMT student I had a idea what was going on. After becoming a EMT 2 years into being a EMT I went Paramedic school there weren’t any paramedics with in 50 miles of where I worked. After getting out of Medic school I was my field training person. If I had a question I would go to my Medical Director’s house and talk which here. I went to work in the ER of the County Hospital. And the Dr‘s and nurses were great at helping me learn more.


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