Dr. Maia Dorsett joins us again! You may remember her from the Thinking: Lift Assist episode. This time she shares what she knows about the process of death notification. It’s a passion-topic for her because she knows how important these conversations are for the loved ones of patients who have died… and for us. She frames a death notification as a procedure that can be taught, learned and practiced.

NAEMSP Article Bite #33: Is Death Notification Training associated with decreased burnout among EMS professionals

This YouTube video was made by the Monroe-Livingston EMS Region at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in anticipation of the rise of out-of-hospital death.

Paper outlining The GRIEV_ING algorithm in the Prehospital Emergency Care journal.

Thank you, iSimulate!

Eastern Kentucky University degree programs are for those who are currently certified as a paramedic by the NREMT or a state EMS office.

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