Morning sickness while transporting

Dangers of the job

A recommended book: 1000 Naked Strangers

Favorite medical website: Life in the Fast Lane

Reference materials she uses

Why she hates her utility belt

Her trick for staying awake when driving home from shift

Her strange habit when she’s nervous

Introverted versus extroverted medics

Attached-at-the-hip with your EMS partner

Changes she’d make to her paramedic program

Food she eats while on shift

Her habit for prepping her gear for shift


Intimacy with EMS partners

Sleep habits

Job she’d do if she didn’t do EMS

How journaling fits into her life as a medic

A very honest answer about why she decided to be a medic

Joys of noticing artifacts in patients’ homes

Call types that get her blood pumping

It’s not about being a bad-ass.


The papers stuffed in her pockets
Journaling about her EMS partners




The Essentials

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