Michael Lauria (@ResusPadawan) is the perfect match for the concept of @medicmindset. Within the first minutes, he outlines tools for performing under stress. As a pararescue medic, he speaks from personal experience and as an academic, he knows the science behind his advice. Listen as we discuss the mind of a resuscitationist.

Show notes:

Approaching Aristotle Notes. Educators, read this!

Mike’s YouTube Channel for more videos

Jiu Jitsu Backward Roll…

Auditory Exclusion

Tactical Breathing

Cognitive Reframing

Rich Levitan’s OOPS mnemonic

fMRI during mental rehearsal


Inability to replicate evidence of power posing..

Balancing mental rehearsal and mental fluidity

Anchoring bias

Questions to expand differentials

Cognitive Offloading

Stress Innoculation

Automation of skills

Work-Life balance

Books he recommends:

Streetlights and Shadows by Gary Klein

Peak by Anders Ericsson

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Smart, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg

Michael Lauria on his failures and mental toughness

@ResusPadawan on Twitter

A compilation of his FOAMed material

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