Medics all over the world are posting pictures with their EMS partner. The project is an effort started by Ginger Locke from the Medic Mindset podcast. She’s working to make a collage of medics with their partners for FDNY EMT Monique Williams who lost her partner tragically in a line of duty death in March of 2017.

The inspiration for the project came from a beautiful picture of the two EMS partners, Yadira “Yari” Arroyo and Monique Williams, that circulated after Arroyo’s tragic death.

Yadira “Yari” Arroyo (left) and Monique Williams (right)

Ginger saw the picture and thought how fortunate it was that the photo had been taken. Not every medic has a photo with their partner. EMS partners share a special bond and this connection is understood by medics all over the world. Unfortunately, they are often so busy working, they sometimes forget to stop to snap a picture with their partners. Ginger encourages medics to take a picture, tag it with #PartnerProject, and post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so it can be discovered and added to the collage. There is no end to the project. By sharing the photos publicly and adding the hashtag, these photos can be discovered by any artist who wishes to commemorate the unique bond that exists between EMS partners.

Please help by sharing this announcement and your pictures. And if you haven’t taken a picture with your EMS partner, make today the day. There is no time like the present.

Media Coverage of the #PartnerProject:



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