In this episode, Ginger talks to Tyler Christifulli. He’s hard to introduce because he doesn’t fit in a box. It’s accurate to call him a flight medic, but he’s so much more. He’s also a podcaster and an EMS Educator. In listening to his FOAMfrat podcast, it’s obvious he is a sharp guy but being in the same room with him is a completely different animal. He has charisma for days but what is really mesmerizing about him is how he brings out the best in others. If you haven’t met him before, allow me to introduce Tyler Christifulli in Episode 17.


Find Tyler online:


Aisle 31


Topics discussed:

The three signs that indicate cardiac arrest is imminent in his patients

What 5 medications he would want on his ambulance/helicopter if he could only have 5

The other “ABCs,” which he says stands for “Always Bear Compassion”

That paramedic school didn’t prepare him for intubation

How humming helps manage stress on calls

His first surgical airway

What FOAMed means

Who his mentors are

Why he’d rather use the term “Field Educator” instead of “Field Training Officer”


Resources and topics mentioned in the episode:

Dr. JR Pickett’s Austin Travis County Office of the Medical Director Episode

Tyler’s surgical airway vodcast: Making the Cut

Kabayashi Maru

Joel Porter’s Episode

Rich Levitan Airway Cam Videos

Dr. Chris Hick’s Twitter “mantra” thread 

You’re not dead until you have an airway.

Dr. Cynthia Griffin


FOAMed friends present during recording:

Dr. Jeff Jarvis

Jay Nance

Amy Eisenhauer

Jimmy Apple



tyler and GLF

One thought

  1. Should Paramedic education be longer similar to counterparts in other countries to make sure Paramedics are able to feel comfortable with the skills they are learning?


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