In this episode, we pull back the curtain a bit on a well known educator, podcaster, and flight medic, Eric Bauer. He is the founder and CEO of a critical care education company, FlightBridgeEd. I’m a listener of his podcast, have attended one of his courses and have had the honor to form a friendship with him over the last year. We discuss critical care topics like acid-base balance, intubation, ventilators and EKGs. We also discuss leadership topics like mentoring. I even get some marriage advice out of him. Listen in as I pick the brain of the man you want to know if you have any interest in becoming a flight medic or a better ground medic.

Connect with Eric Bauer and FlightBridgeEd:




Show notes:

Mike VerkestSecond Shift Podcast

FAST19: May 7th and 8th, 2019

“Death Signs”

Why not sedate prior to chemical cardioversion?

Tyler Christifulli (FOAMfrat)

Acidosis Rodeo episode

Dr. Elena Sgarbossa

Difficult Airway Course

Importance of Mentoring

Chris MeeksMind Body Medic Podcast

The Q Word Podcast

His Ventilator Book

Amul Mattu YouTube video

The aortic valve is a “5th chamber”

The 3 P’s of ETCO2 episode 

“Always stay curious”

A Room of One’s Own – Virginia Wolf

“Put your goals somewhere you can see them every day.”


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