If anyone appreciates what it is like to be a medic without actually being one, it’s Dr. Tania Glenn. She’s a leading clinician in the identification and treatment of PTSD and specializes in caring for emergency responders. I caught up with her in her office, but her work takes her all over the country. She’s one of us and we are lucky to have her on our team.


Tania on Twitter



2 thoughts

  1. I just listened to this and the timing couldn’t have been better. Today I learned my department has failed one of our medics looking for help. Hearing his story of self realization and the nonsupport he received from management was jaw dropping. But what hit home was his calling out of everyone who worked with him. It has made me address my discomfort with approaching these situations and question my reasoning of I am just PRN, or someone else has it covered. Not wanting to harp on something I thought was addressed left someone hanging. Luckily one medic stepped up and a member of FD. It was pointed out that FD has a better grasp on PTSD than the hospital and EMS. Any suggestions on how to get it up to date is appreciated.


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